In Quimacer S.L. we have developed a gamma of specific chemical products and additives used as descaling cleaner for many uses.

The descaling cleaner can be strong or weak acid depending on the deposit that we have to delete. After cleaning with acid is recommended to use a neutralizer to reach basic pH values.

The use of descaling cleaners is normally for specific treatments because of circuits obstruction, or previous preventive treatment. In both cases after cleaning is recommendable to use preventive additives or products like antirust, biocides, etc.

The range of products that Quimacer offers is:

Strong acid cleanerQUIMANET D50Descaling of salt deposits, even cement.
Weak acid cleanerQUIMANET C25Descaling of salt precipitation deposits
Bactericide BiocideQUIMABACOrganic deposits eraser
NeutralizerSOSA 25Basic pH solution.
TDS Heat Transfer Fluid
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