Foaming Agent

Quimacer has developed FOAMING ADDITIVES for being used in drilling.

We have tested our foaming agents to obtain very thick, durable and long-lived foam, so this foam provides very good drag cuttings and  lubricate the drilling tools.

Using these specific additivies facilitates to obtain better performance during drilling.

Quimacer offers the following Foaming Agents:

  • QUIMAFOAM PLUS: Foaming high performance, specially formulated for use in extreme conditions. It generates very stable and very dense foam under extreme conditions.
  • QUIMAFOAM HD: Vigorous Foaming agent used for drilling with air, water and bentonite mud. It generates dense, consistent and durable foam.
  • QUIMAPOL AL-60: Liquid polymer for being used in combination with foaming. It provides foam with higher density and consistency. Improves and optimizes the function of  QUIMAFOAM.
  • ANTIFOAM IC-500: Liquid Antifoam. Biodegradable product that eliminates the foam.


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