Corrosion protection

Quimacer has designed a complete range of chemical products intended to guarantee the correct operation of the facilities. The products are divided in:

They are products intended for installations where frost protection is not necessary, since there are no historical data on temperatures below 0ºC.

For these cases we propose 2 products that protect the circuit against corrosion and fouling:

QUIMAPROTECT: Anti-corrosion, suspension, film-forming and biocide pack
QUIMAFLUID: Dissolution of decalcified water

Group of products intended to guarantee the efficiency of the installation. In this family we find from biocides that protect us against bacterial action to acidic descalers to carry out a correct cleaning of the pipes and achieve an optimal thermal transfer.

QUIMANET D-51: Acid descaling cleaner additive
QUIMANET F-36Descaling cleaner with Phosphoric Acid

We also incorporate a neutralizer to make sure that the pH of the fluid will not cause corrosion problems.

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